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NJV Decorative Concrete Supply
NJV Decorative Concrete Supply
Finishing Aids

ANTIQUE RELEASE a colored bond-breaker designed to prevent texturing tools from sticking while adding color, shading and highlights. A portion of the release becomes imbedded into the concrete usually where there is relief in the texturing tool, leaving behind an antiqued appearance. It is applied, in a broadcast fashion, as soon as the bleed water has disappeared.

BRICKFORM ANTIQUE RELEASE is broadcast onto the concrete surface prior to the placement of mat-type texturing tools or rollers. This UV-resistant pigment comes in 40 standard colors to match or contrast with Brickform Color Hardener. 5 Gallon Bucket is 35lbs

   Brickform Standard Color Chart Pg 1  Brickform Standard Color Chart Pg 2  Brickform Standard Color Chart Pg 3  Brickform Standard Color Chart Pg 4

INCRETE COLOR RELEASE/ANTIQUING RELEASE creates a rich looking antique effect on stamped concrete. It forms a moisture barrier to facilitate the release of stamping tools from wet concrete.  Packaged in 20lb box. COVERAGE: 750SF-1,000SF

Increte Standard Color Chart pg1  Increte Standard Color Chart pg2

PRISM PIGMENTS-ANTIQUE RELEASE AGENT is a colored powder uniquely formulated to facilitate the details of concrete textured mats.  Releasing the concrete from the textured mats is significantly enhanced using Prism Pigments Antique Agent in a broadcasting fashion until a thin uniform powder film covers the concrete surface. the concrete mats can then be applied. COVERAGE: 3.5 lbs to cover 100sf. although the depth of texture and many other factors can alter coverage rates. Packaged in a 28lb Pail.

Prism Standard Color Chart pg 1  Prism Standard Color Chart pg 2


BRICKFORM LIQUID RELEASE  This Colorless Bond-Breaker is designed to decrease the friction between mats and the concrete. It is formulated and recommended for use with all Brickform Texture Mats and with many other architectural concrete texturing systems.  It is an alternative to powdered release agents that may not be desired in certain circumstances, such as interior projects. COVERAGE: 5 Gallon Can is 33 lbs and should cover appox. 750sf-1,250sf


BRICKFORM EVAPORATION RETARDER is a water-based liquid film designed to reduce the rate of moisture loss during concrete placement, extending both workability and finishing time. It is a completely safe and odorless membrane that evaporates from the surface several hours after application, not affecting the final cure and concrete strength.  This mono-molecular film is ideal for situations where more time is needed either for finishing or applying color hardener and antique release. COVERAGE: 2,000-4,000 sf per gallon

INCRETE DELAY is a water-based polymer designed to be used as an evaporation retardant on concrete flatwork of all types.  When sprayed over fresh concrete, DELAY forms a thin, continuous film which prevents rapid moisture loss from the concrete surface. It is supplied as a concentrate and must be diluted with water at a 9 to 1 water to retarder ratio.  COVERAGE: 1 gallon of DELAY concentrate will treat 2,000-4,000sf of concrete surface area.


FRITZ-PAK DELAYED SET is a dry powdered admixture, packaged in a ready-to-use water soluble bag. Standard Delayed Set is formulated to extend the setting time of concrete while improving concrete quality. It does not contain any calcium chloride or other potentially corrosive materials and is compatible with all standard concrete admixtures. Packaged in a 1/5 lb or 2 lb bag.


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