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NJV Decorative Concrete Supply
NJV Decorative Concrete Supply
Sealers & Coatings


KURE-N-SEAL forms a sealing, curing membrane coating  that hardens and dust proffs freshly laid concrete in one simple, economical operation.Kure-N-Seal™ is applied to freshly laid concrete surfaces as soon as the surface finishing operations are completed in order to suppress the evaporation of water from the concrete. It is used by all concrete contractors to insure better cure with a minimum of labor. It can also be used as a first coat when applying multiple coats of higher solid content sealers.

KLEAR KOAT™ is a solvent based pure acrylic coating that forms a tough crystal clear coating that seals, beautifies, and protects all concrete surfaces.  It is colorless, and never yellows. KlearKoat™ is available in various concentrations, and is applied by brush, roller or spray over cured dry concrete. Applied over concrete stains, KlearKoat™ seals, enhances the color, and locks in the color to produce a permanent and beautiful stained floor. Once dry, a second coat may be applied to enhance the floor.

INCRETE CLEAR SEAL is formulated with acrylic resins designed for deep penetration. Highly recommended for exterior use.  It has a very high resistance to traffic. Use as coating for Stamped Concrete.  COVERAGE: 5 gal covers approx 700sf

BRICKFORM GEM-SEAL is a high-gloss, lacquer-based, acrylic sealer designed to protect concrete surfaces. It enhances color and has a UV inhibitor. Use on colored or uncolored, stamped or exposed aggregate concrete, porous brick, natural and manufactured stone, stucco, slate, unglazed tile and flagstone. COVERAGE: 5 gal. covers approx 750sf

INCRETE CONCRETE STAIN SEALER is a deep penetrating stain that creates beautiful color tones in existing concrete.  It is a unique pigmented stain sealer designed specifically for concrete and all other cement surfaces.  COVERAGE: 5 gal. covers approx 750sf


WET LOOK 100% Acrylic Professional Grade Clear Sealer (High Gloss) is a high performance, professional grade, ready to use water based sealer designed to seal, weatherproof, protect and enhance color of variety of surfaces.

NATURAL LOOK Professional Grade Penetrating Sealer is a high performance, ready-to-use- solvent-free clear penetrating sealer.  It penetrates the surface and chemically bonds directly with the substrated which results in a surface that is highly resistant to both oisture and salt.  Does not alter the natural appearance of the supstrate.

INCRETE WATER BASED CLEAR SEAL is designed specifically for safe, low odor applications where solvent based systems would be prohibited or impractical and is highly recommended for interior or exterior use both vertical and horizontal.  COVERAGE: 5 gal covers approx 1,000sf 


ALIPHATIC MOISTER CURED URETHANE (357voc) is a one component moisture cured polyurethane (HDI based) floor coating/sealer that exhibits superior characteristics for abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. This product has good UV stability.  Recommended for showrooms, warehouses, laboratories, cafeterias, and most indoor chemical exposure areas with regard to concrete or cement. COVERAGE: approx 400-800sf @ 2-4mils wet thickness.


SEAMLESS EPOXY BINDER (137m) is a two component 100% solids epoxy seal coat that can be used either as a coating or filled with paint chips, marble chips and colored sand mixtures to provide an infinite array of color schemes or patterns.  Recommended for warehouses, kitchens, restrooms, and other areas where either a high build clear product is needed or where a decorative filled floor is desired.  COVERAGE: 90-100sf per gallon @ 16-18 mils. Available in 3 gallon kits or 15 gallon kits. (Available in clear or colored)

INCRETE COUNTER-KOTE is a Food & Drug Administration approved surface for food contact.  COUNTER-Kote is a 100% solids clear epoxy system that provides a durable surface with superb resistance to abrasion and chemicals. COUNTER-Kote can be used on residential and commercial concrete counter, bar and table tops. 


INCRETE SYSTEMS HIGH-GLOSS WAX is a clear, durable wax that resists surface abuse when properly maintained and leaves a beautiful high-gloss finish. heel mark, stain and abrasion resistant. It is easily buffable and free from odors and fumes during application. COVERAGE: approx 1500-2000sf per gallon

BRICKFORM DURA-WAX is a metal cross-linked acrylic wax designed for use as a protective coating over a sealer such as BRICKFORM GEMSEAL. It forms a protective semi-gloss barrier that dries to a rock hard finish and provides wear-resistant sacrificial coating that is easy to maintain.

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